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Cryptocurrency news - Bitcoin

Hong Kong crypto firms seeing interest from Chinese banks: Report


Several Chinese banks have been seeking to offer services to crypto firms in Hong Kong, despite a ban on crypto on the Chinese mainland. Crypto firms setting up in Hong Kong ahead of a new licensing regime for crypto exchanges in June have reportedly found some unexpected allies...

Bitcoin’s banking crisis surge will ‘attract more institutions’: ARK’s Cathie Wood


Cathie Wood was impressed that Bitcoin “moved in a very different way” compared to the equity market in response to the recent banking crisis. The value proposition of Bitcoin  BTC $28,257 is on full display amid the current banking crisis, which will only “attract more institut...

Lightning Labs and Tari agree to convert restraining order in trademark suit


Tari Labs, who bought the suit against the project has faced backlash from the crypto community with some suggesting the lawsuit was “frivolous.” Bitcoin  BTC $26,129 software firm Lightning Labs and blockchain startup Tari Labs have agreed to convert a court-ordered temporary r...

US banking system outlook downgraded to ‘negative’ following recent bank failures


Recent bank failures have highlighted the need for Blockchain-based cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Credit rating agency Moody’s has recently downgraded its outlook on the entire United States banking system from “stable” to “negative.” The move comes in light of the recent fail...

Breaking: Bitcoin slips under $20K amid Biden budget, Silvergate collapse


The price of BTC briefly slipped under $20,000 on March 10, although at time of writing was hovering just above that level. Bitcoin BTC $19,938 briefly slipped below $20,000 for the first time in nearly two months, following the latest budget from United States President Joe Bid...

Bitcoin core dev calls out ‘misleading’ auction selling his code as an NFT


Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr has called out the sellers behind an NFT auction for using his name and code without his knowledge or consent. One of the original core developers behind Bitcoin  BTC$23,373, Luke Dashjr, has taken to social media to call out an auction site...

A ‘snap back’ to $20K? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week


Bitcoin sees split opinions as major $25,000 resistance combines with early signs that all is not well with the BTC price rally. Bitcoin BTC$24,439 starts the last week of February in a volatile mood as a crucial area of resistance fails to break. After a classic “fakeout” duri...

Bitcoin price returns to $22K despite 'least volatile' US CPI reaction


Five-day highs for BTC price come within a narrow trading range as U.S. inflation broadly conforms to expectations. Bitcoin  BTC $22,100  ticked above $22,000 after the Feb. 14 Wall Street open as crucial United States inflation data delivered “mixed” results. BTC price hits...

SEC to up scrutiny of firms offering or giving advice about crypto


Registered crypto brokers and advisors may need to be on edge when giving advice this year, after a recent warning from the SEC. Crypto brokers and investment advisors offering or giving advice about cryptocurrencies will be put under the scope of the United States' securities w...

Layer1 CEO alleges co-founder is using majority power to ‘ransack’ company


The plaintiffs claim that Dolic and Ebel began to conduct unauthorized business activities when the corporate governance of its parent company, Enigma, collapsed. The CEO of crypto miner Layer1 Technologies has filed a lawsuit against the firm’s two other board m...