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Cryptocurrency news

Daily Crypto News 15 September


BanksCACEIS, the European custody and asset servicing bank owned by Crédit Agricole and Banco Santander, is in the process of building a cryptocurrency custody. CACEIS works with the Swiss custodian technology provider, the bank has $ 4.96 trillion in leased assets and $2.6 trill...

Daily Crypto News 14 September


Dogecoin The New York Attorney General (NYAG) won a victory against the crypto exchange Coinseed because of his fraudulent relationship with Dogecoin, Cointelegraph reported. It was ordered to Coinseed Inc. from NYAG Letitia James to suspend operations and pay $ 3 million in...

Daily Crypto News 13 September


CardanoCardano launches smart contracts after a successful hard fork, Cointelegraph reported. Cardano notes that it is still "the first days of the project", claiming that it is now "the mission really begins". Cardano also announced the completion of its Alonzo hard fork, introd...

Daily Crypto News 7 September


EthereumEthereum's layer-two scaling protocols have emerged in recent months as gas prices have risen again, Cointelegraph reported. According to a study, Ethereum layer-two had more transactions than the Bitcoin network. The analyst revealed that StarkWare processed the most for...

Daily Crypto News 3 September


RippleU.S. Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn has ordered Ripple to produce one million missing Slack messages among officials to which the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is seeking access, Cointelegraph  reported. The SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs for sellin...

Daily Crypto News 2 September


CryptocurrenciesCharles Hoskinson, Cardano founder, predicts Afghans will use crypto assets as a stockpile of valuables and to preserve financial independence amid a dramatic Taliban insurgency, Cointelegraph reported. But he also believes the Taliban will accept digital assets....

Daily Crypto News 1 September


El SalvadorEl Salvador's legislature has passed legislation creating the $150 million dollar Bitcoin Trust and supporting the development of crypto infrastructure and services across the country, Cointelegraph reported. The trust is designed to facilitate the conversion of bitcoi...

Daily Crypto News 31 August


AltcoinCointelegraph reported that institutional inflows into investment products for altcoins continued to increase over the past week, in contrast to those for bitcoin. Total inflows of $ 24 million to investment products based on altcoins have been identified. ETH products pos...

Daily Crypto News 30 August


IndiaReserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das said the Central Bank of India's (CBDC) digital currency trials could begin by December. Coindesk also said the central bank was studying security issues and the broader impact the CBDC would have on monetary policy. ...

Daily Crypto News 20 August


 CanadaCointelegraph reported that after an investigation, the Ontario Securities and Exchange Commission claimed that Aux Cayes FinTech Company Limited (a legal entity in the Republic of Seychelles) had not complied with provincial securities laws. The report alleges that A...