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+0.46% Ethereum (ETH) 1675.43 EUR
-0.05% Litecoin (LTC) 84.3 EUR
+1.52% B-Cash (BCH) 115.28 EUR
-3.29% Ethereum (ETH) 0.063428 BTC
-4.07% Litecoin (LTC) 0.00318958 BTC
-1.58% B-Cash (BCH) 0.0043935 BTC
+3.98% Bitcoin (BTC) 28913.6134 USDC
-0.10% USD Coin (USDC) 0.93 EUR
+4.07% Bitcoin (BTC) 28925.188 USDT
-0.11% Tether (USDT) 0.93 EUR
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Cryptocurrency news

The government should fear AI, not crypto: Galaxy Digital CEO


Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz believes regulators have got it "completely upside-down" on crypto vs AI regulation. Mike Novogratz, the CEO of digital asset investment firm Galaxy Digital told investors he is shocked over the amount of regulatory attention for crypto rather t...

Disney reportedly scraps its metaverse division


The metaverse division was initially created to work on new ways of engaging Disney’s audience. Entertainment giant Disney has reportedly ditched its metaverse division as part of a broader restructuring plan to cut its operating expenses by $5.5 billion and lay off 7,000 staff...

Hong Kong crypto firms seeing interest from Chinese banks: Report


Several Chinese banks have been seeking to offer services to crypto firms in Hong Kong, despite a ban on crypto on the Chinese mainland. Crypto firms setting up in Hong Kong ahead of a new licensing regime for crypto exchanges in June have reportedly found some unexpected allies...

Cathie Wood’s ARK loading up on Coinbase shares again, buying $18M


ARK Invest purchased 269,928 shares in Coinbase on March 23, only two days after it sold $13.5 million, its first sale of Coinbase shares this year. Cathie Wood’s investment management firm has gone back to buying Coinbase shares again, just a day after COIN’s stock price dipped...

Aussie crypto exchange hints interest in Hong Kong base, but it’ll depend


The CEO of Independent Reserve says Hong Kong's "friendly" licensing regime makes it a worthy destination to set up shop, but there are other factors to consider. Australia-based crypto exchange Independent Reserve is looking at opportunities to set up shop in Hong Kong, as the...

Bitcoin’s banking crisis surge will ‘attract more institutions’: ARK’s Cathie Wood


Cathie Wood was impressed that Bitcoin “moved in a very different way” compared to the equity market in response to the recent banking crisis. The value proposition of Bitcoin  BTC $28,257 is on full display amid the current banking crisis, which will only “attract more institut...

Core Scientific to transfer $20M of equipment to settle bankruptcy dispute


Millions of dollars worth of electrical equipment will be transferred to the crypto miners' exclusive energy negotiator to settle a payments dispute. A $20 million settlement between Bitcoin BTC $27,796 miner Core Scientific and its energy negotiator Priority Power Management h...

Beware of fake Arbitrum Airdrops, community warns


The community has warned others to stay vigilant after reports of phishing websites and scams offering Arbitrum Airdrop tokens. Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum's upcoming "ARB" token Airdrop appears to have become a popular target for scammers, with the community warn...

Lightning Labs and Tari agree to convert restraining order in trademark suit


Tari Labs, who bought the suit against the project has faced backlash from the crypto community with some suggesting the lawsuit was “frivolous.” Bitcoin  BTC $26,129 software firm Lightning Labs and blockchain startup Tari Labs have agreed to convert a court-ordered temporary r...

US credit crunch means it’s time to buy gold and Bitcoin: Novogratz


The Galaxy Digital CEO predicts tough times ahead for the United States economy but continues to be bullish on crypto. The United States is headed for a credit crunch and now is the right time to buy gold, silver and Bitcoin   BTC $24,658, says Galaxy Digital founder and CEO...