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Daily Crypto News 15 September



CACEIS, the European custody and asset servicing bank owned by Crédit Agricole and Banco Santander, is in the process of building a cryptocurrency custody. CACEIS works with the Swiss custodian technology provider, the bank has $ 4.96 trillion in leased assets and $2.6 trillion in assets under administration. Dealing with crypto-custody is the first step for banks. Metaco, a company of this industry, has provided solutions to a number of European lenders, including Standard Chartered, BBVA and Gazprom Bank's Swiss division.


Αccording to the latest data from market analyst firm CryptoCompare, the six leading cryptocurrency exchanges are responsible for the 3-year high spot volume in August. The study reveals that in August, the volume of first-level spots increased by 43.6% to 2.4 trillion. Dollars, and lower-volume spot volumes increased by 10.4% to 218 billion dollars. Top-end exchanges now account for 91.7% of total spot volume.


Τhe assistant director (Cai Junyi) of the Shanghai Securities Institute had been fired for advertising cryptocurrencies. There are many hypotheses, but one source mentioned that Kai was arrested by police in July, while another source said he surrendered to authorities, according to the report. Kai was a well-known financial commentator in the press and on television. According to the report, Kai promoted crypto during a live event. Police were expected to reveal more information soon.


Apple has reportedly blocked Gnosis Safe's mobile wallet app from the App Store because it stores NFTs. The company reportedly said that applications storing NFTs are "not appropriate" for the App Store. Apple reportedly said that crypto apps offering NFTs must either make them available to App Store users as in-app purchases or remove them from the app entirely.